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AWI has a new focus and direction even as its experts through analysis of a world wide rapid growing market as fine vintage wine, recommend to investors the best acquisition cost for an active and profitable portfolio for our old and new investors.
History of AWI
AWI had a vision in 2003, in such as growing market in Asia to become stronger over the years. AWI has be operational in Singapore for over 8 years, built a large portfolio of fine vintage wine, has give the possibility to a wide list of investors in Europe, been able to diversify their portfolio of acquisitions. As the consumption of wine increases in the Asia Pacific region, especially in Hong Kong, China, and Singapore, we come as the answer for the need of new wine drinkers and portfolio owners. As the world now recognizes the fine vintage wine as NON VOLATIVE ASSET (NVA), which can not be replicated anchors the philosophy at AWI. As every cork is popped and as the appreciation for fine vintage wines increases, each wine becomes more and more as a valuable asset for the today investor. The opportunity of increase an existing asset portfolio or start one, without the risk of the volatile market of the stock market, AWI, has become the RIGHT ANSWER in the global economy.
Why invest in Australian Fine Wines?
Fine vintage wine investment, classified as an alternative investment, has a long history, weathering recession, war and stock market fluctuations to remain one of the most stable and low-risk asset classes in the market. With average annual returns of 15% since the 1950s, it is also high yielding, consistently outperforming other major assets such as equities, gold and property. Since 1992, fine vintage wines have increased in value by over 300% in just over a decade. The Langton’s Fine Wine, which tracks the performances over time of a basket of 28 leading blue-chip Australian wines, has consistently revealed that the capital gains from fine wine investment throughout the 1990s far outstripped the returns on investment in other Australian shares. More importantly, it has been recognized, globally, that fine Australian wine represents one of the best assets for smart money investors anywhere in the world.
Start your Alternative Investment portfolio with us today.
AWI experts provide analysis, empathy, knowledge, research, and advice, recommends wines with the best capital growth potential ranging from established wines with steady gains to cult wines that yield higher profit margins but with greater risk. We recommend wines that have received strong international reviews and high ratings, providing an external qualification and a higher degree of integrity towards to our selection. AWI will also helps and assist clients with exit strategies by taping its extensive contacts throughout the world.
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