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It is a nebulous area to provide a definitive assessment on the quality of wine due to varied personal preferences. However, a fine wine must meet certain base objective requirements.


In a wine is determined by these key elements:

  • Flavor – acidity and sweetness (if present), oak (if present),
  • Tannin, and
  • Alcohol

Balance wines bear the greatest potential for cellaring. They will also mix well with food and have a smaller chance of providing fatigue to the palate.


This could be described as the “shape” of the wine or how it feels in your mouth. Wines with a good structure often have a front, mid and back palate that is well defined.


This aspect of wine shows itself though the span of time of dinking the wine. Over an evening, the more a wine is smelled and tasted, the more its aromas can be sensed. The complexity of a wine increases with its age.


A wine that tastes like the grape variety it is made from distinguishes good varietal character. Regions where grapes are grown are what help express grape varieties and is commonly kwon as regional expression. However, wines often have elements that cannot be determined, which makes them special.


Not all the types of grapes in the world can be made into good fine wine. That is why the consultant team of AWI, provide to our new and old costumers with the right information to help them create a profitable portfolio maximizing their investment.


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